My Thoughts on the Joker Teaser Trailer

Last Thursday, we all had the chance to watch, and ‘rewatch over again was Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Movie teaser trailer who is directed by Todd Phillips. The trailer generated tons of positive buzz from comic book fans and the general public. I wanted to share my thoughts on the Joker trailer, and some questions people might have about the movie.

Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker

Base on a 2 minute trailer, Joaquin Phoenix physically and mentally put himself through hell, to bring this version of the Joker to life. Joaquin like Heath Ledger is bring a physiological take on The Joker, but Joaquin, is presting this take in a fresh way that is different from Heath Ledger’ s take. Joaquin’s Joker base on the trailer is going to have more joyness than an anarchy approach.

Is This a Sympathetic Joker?

Absolutely 100% no! The Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips are introducing the idea of how all it takes is one bad day for someone to go insane. This is a physiological tragedy for the character Arthur Fleck. The trailer shows this film will take a lot of inspiration from Joker’s origin in Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, but presenting it in a different way to fit their story.

I think the train moment will be the importance of the movie as we see Arthur Fleck bridge to become the Joker we are all familiar with is born in that moment. This will lead to the Joker’s rise to chaos in Gotham, and Thomas Wayne who Arthur feels is responsible for what he has become.

Will The Joker movie connect to Batman’s next movie?

No, this is a one off else world DC movie, that Warner Brothers announced last spring. Last spring WB announced they will do else world takes on their characters that are not connected to their movie universe. The Joker movie is the first to represent that. What bother me from the trailer is WB did not make that clear in the trailer, which is going to create a lot confusion for the general audience, because Jared Leto will cameo as the Joker in the Birds of Prey movie next spring.

Will Batman appear?

I want to say that remains to be seen, because this is an else world take on Batman’s world or mythology. We do see an 8 year old Bruce Wayne interacting with the Joker from the trailer. I have heard there will be some things connect to Batman that will make a cameo or appearance, but I do not expect Batman to appear, because he is only 8 years old. Not unless he appears at the very end in some form after Arthur/The Joker story is fully told, just to please the general audience.

Was Martin Scorsese Producing?

Martin Scorsese was set to produce, but because of his commitment with Netflix’s The Irishman, that is coming out later this year. Martin Scorsese, was unable to produce. Instead Bradley Cooper is producing The Joker movie.

My Final Thoughts

The Joker movie appears to be a character study of The Joker, and will be treated like physiological thriller movie that will break the traditional comic book movies we have all seen in the past an treat it like a serious movie. This is a standalone one off movie that Warner Brothers is experimenting with. Which is why it has a low budget of 55 million dollars. I’m sure by San Diego Comic-Con 2019 they will release a second trailer with story plot.


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