Pet Sematary 2019 Movie: Review

The latest Stephen King remake movie is released. Is it just as good as the original? (Non Spoilers)


Lots of awesome horror elements are executed very well for the remake. The remake does a great job not following every step from the original, and makes some twist or changes that way it is not a predictable movie for audiance. those elements are executed very well, and the movie is more enjoyable if you are a horror fan.

We see a lot of Church in this movie and he is one of the highlights I enjoyed. I did enjoy Jon Lithgow performance as Jud, as he brings the mysterious around the Pet Sematary when we first meet him. The biggest highlight in my opinion was Ellie, who is played by Jete Laurence, who does a fantastic job in her role. She’s very charismatic.

The remake is not goofy, and is taking seriously that audience will feel invested with the characters. We get to see some nods, and refrences to other Stephen King’s movies/stories. Those nods will make fans of Stephen King stories smile.


There is some pacing issues with the first 40 minutes of the remake. Some things that happen in act one takes you out of the movie as it.

OVERALL 7.5/10

Pet Semantary is a surprisingly a good remake of the original. It is a horror entertaining movie that audience who love horror will enjoy seeing.


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