Justice League vs The Fatal Five: Movie Review

The latest DC Animated film was released yesterday, on the DC Universe app, and digital. If you missed watching Bruce Timm’ s Justice League animated series, then this animated movie is something you will enjoy. (NON SPOILERS)


Kevin Conroy, Susan Eisenberg, and George Newman all reprise their voice roles from the JLU series as Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Every moment seeing these characters from the DCAU again is something special. In this movie our main Protagonist is Jessica Cruz who is one of the new recent Green Lanterns from the comic books. She is voice by Crazy Jane herself Diane Guerrero from Doom Patrol.

Jessica Cruz, I thought is fantastic in the animated movie, and Diane Guerrero is the perfect actress to voice the character to lead this Justice League animated story. I also really enjoyed Miss Martian who is voice by Daniela Bobadilla, she is best known from Anger Management on FX.

This is the Justice League animated series brought back as a animated movie, expect a lot of action, and violence pushed to the edge because there is less restrictions, and works very well.


If you are hoping for a full Justice League Animated reunion with the rest of the original JL members from the animated series you will be disappointed.

I found the Fatal Five to be very meh, and they didn’t have a strong vision to what they are supposed to do besides fighting the Justice League. The time jump after the opening fight with Star Boy and the Legion of Superheroes didn’t make any sense for the story.

The animation movie does have a short run time and some of the pacing feels rushed, because of the short run time.


Justice League vs The Fatal Five animated movie, is a fun and enjoyable animated movie. This will feel like a lost episode for fans of the Justice League animated series. Justice League vs The Fatal Five animated movie is now streaming on the DC Universe app.


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