The Tick Season One: Review

I completed watching Season one of Tick sometime last year, but I did not have a chance to write a review for the full season. With Amazon Prime working on season two of the Tick. I wanted to share my full review of Season one of The Tick. (Minor Spoilers)


The highlight for me with the Tick Season one was, Peter Serafinowiz’s performance as the Tick. His performance will scream the late great Adam West’s Batman vibe. The Tick is a rated R TV series, but the Tick bring the campyness that, has a good balance of execution. Dispute the title called The Tick, the story protagonist is the Tick sidekick Arthur Everest who is played by Griffin Newman and his origin becoming the Moth. The show brings a mixture of The Watchmen, and Kick-Ass vibes in terms of tone. Arthur in this deals with PTSD, after experiencing tragedy when he was kid when he first interacted with the Terror. Each episode is between 22 to 28 minutes long and it works perfectly if you are looking for a very good beige watch fast pace series with only 12 episodes. I found the writing for the first season to be well written, when I re-watched all 12 episodes again before writing this review.

We do get some cool nods, from The Tick comic book series. The series does change up a lot of things, and it does work with the tone in the TV series, and the Tick is just was the Tick. I did enjoy Jackie Earl Haley’s portrayal of The Terror. He plays a fun menacing comic book villain, that fits very well in the dark tone series.


In the later episode it feels like The Tick was on the back burner and the series focused more on Overkill played by Scott Speiseer and Miss lint played by Yara Martinez. The show does have some pacing issues in some of the later episodes. The most disappointing about the series is that the pilot episode was release in August of 2016 and season one was not completed until February of 2018. The tone of the series does change a little bit when you watch episode two after the pilot episode, and the later episode going into episode 7. Unfortunately we don’t get the classic line from the Tick ” Spooon!!!”

OVERALL: 7.8/10

The live action TV series of The Tick does a fantastic job capturing the heart of the Tick animated series. The Tick season one does good job with world building, it has action, violence and dark humor. If you are looking for something to quickly beigne watch I highly recommend audiences to check out Amazon Prime’s The Tick season One.


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