Young Justice season Three Midseason Finale: Review

The DCU app release 4 brand new episodes today on the app before going on break until the late spring time after the first full season of Doom Patrol is released, but Young Justice Season Three closed their first story ark an open a new one to look forward to when it returns later inspiring of this year. (Minor Spoilers Below)


We finally have our first center Batman and The Outsiders episode with Batman, Katana, and Metamorpho going to Bane’s Santa Prisca. The episode is well done and we get a lot of great moments from this episode with The Outsiders learning about Granny’s operation and Lady Shiva leading the League of Shadows. However in episode ten thro episode twelve, is about Victor’ s new 52 origin into Cyborg, for the show.

The show does a great job balancing Cyborgs origin and keeping up with the main story since episode one. The other thing the mid season finale episodes do is tie everything together especially revealing who Halo trully is and where she came from. We get many pay offs from the mid season finale such as the conclusion to finding Tara, and we get a few surprising cameos from another character fans will be more familiar with from The Flash CW t.v. series, with some of the Doom Patrol characters making small appearance and one of young justice favorite characters makes a small appearance.

That’s is sad an a reminder. The show once again continues its dark grotesk violence, and adult themes in my opinion works great for the show.


There is some cringing moments in episode eleven, with Halo and Forager going to high school, which is a waste a time an almost feels like a filler up to a certain point. Episode twelve there’sa lot of trippy things happening in the Beast Boy centric episode that can take anyone out of the episode. It can easily be one of the most unpopular episode including eleven with the high stuff.


The finally does a great job concluding all of the first string of stories, while keeping you invested with what’s to come. The next part of Season three will have a lot of Judas Contract mirrors or inspiration from the famous The New Teen Titans story by Marv Wolfman and George Perez that will get fans of Teen Titans excited.


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