Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie: Review

Does Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie live up to the hype? Is it worth watching? My answer is absolutely! (Minor Spoilers)


One of the biggest highlights from DBS Broly movie, is the beautiful animation it presents. This is probably the best looking Dragon Ball anime movie I have seen. What works really well for the animation is the fast pace action that will reminisces the Dragon Ball Z days. The next highlight about the movie is how well they take their time retelling the Sayians history and what happen to planet Vegeta.

They do retcon a lot of things for Broly and Bardock. Broly and his father are cast out from planet Vegeta, because of how dangerously powerful Broly is. He is on a isolated planted and becomes more like a Tarzan character which works a lot better for the character because we see him have a normal conversations.

Bardock has a Jor-El vibe an is more of a family man. Goku’s origin is recon to emulate Superman’s origin. It does work a lot better in my opinion. I did wanted to see more of the sayians and planet Vegeta. We do get a lot of cameos from old DBZ characters.

The main characters in Dragon Ball Super Broly is obviously Broly, but also Vegeta. Broly’s dad uses his son yo get revenge for what Vegeta’s dad did to him. Goku is more in a supporting role which is a good thing.

Some of the new characters like Cheelai who is Broly’s Jane in the movie. I found her an Lemo entertain and work well in the movie.


The movie is extremely cheesy. This is probably the most cheesiest Dragon Ball movie I’ve seen since Dragon Ball and Friends Return. Some of it works while most of it is over top an eye rolls.

It is easy to get pass but it wasn’t necessary to be that cheesy. The second is there is a fan service or candy eye moments for the character Cheelai, which takes some of the momentum away during fight scenes with Gogetta and Broly. It is probably the worst part of the movie in my opinion.

The last con about the anime movie is it feels like two different movies when we go back to flashback scenes with Broly and the Saiyan history. There is pacing issues with the movie.


Dragon Ball Super Broly is a great film with lots of familiar Dragon Ball Z moments that takes me back to the good old days with the action. If you are a long time Dragon Ball fan it’s worth watching.


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