The Reign of the Supermen Movie: Review

The next DC animated movie was release yesterday in theaters, and this morning on digital streaming. Does the follow up sequel to The Death of Superman animated movie continues the awesome momentum? (Minor Spoilers Below)


The highlights for The Reign of the Supermen movie is Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Steel and Superboy. The movie does a fantastic job balancing Superman’s world and the Justice League. It does not come off like a Justice League movie at all an focus on our two main characters Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. For me I haven’t en Joyed much of Lex Luthor incarnations since Michael Rosenbaum, and Clancy Browns take of Lex Luthors. Rainn Wilson, is a great voice casting choice for Lex Luthor as he bring a similar tone from Clancy Browns take of Lex Luthor.

He is very charismatic and keeps the audiances invested into the animated movie. How he handles the aftermath of the loss of Superman shows he’s not always bad as he appears. The movie does take inspiring elements from the reign of the Supermen comic book story but introduced a new story that people will happily accept.

Some of the story reveals in the Superman animated sequel feels like the writers took what Zack Snyder wanted to do in the DC live action Films, but make it a trillion times better present in animation. Fans will know what I mean when we see some big reveals in the animated film that will ties into the Death of Superman.

The animation is presented fantastic, and has a bit of the Superman animated series vibes, which is good for audiences. There’s a lot of heart in the reign of the Supermen animated movie. I think people’s opinion on Superboy in this animated sequel will be very positive, if anyone had mix feelings about this Superboy version of the character.


The Reign of the Supermen does have a bit of pacing issue with a little side story that involves two characters that nobody will care for, and it will hurt some of the pacing in this animated film.

OVERALL 8.8/10

The Reign of the Supermen does continue the momentum of The Death of Superman animated movie. It has a lot of heart, action, and tons of fan service for Superman and DC Comics fans. Make sure to see the ending credit scene as it gives you a hint as to what this Justice League incarnation will do next after The Reign of the Supermen story is over. DC Animation continues its long success with its animation films.


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