Young Justice season Three Premiere: Review

After a very long wait Young Justice animated series is back! Not only is it back but the DCU app release the first three episodes of Young Justice season Three, and there is a lot to sink in from all three episodes. (Minor Spoilers)


What’s different about season three compared to the past two seasons, is that Young Justice is now for adult audiences. The story this season is very dark in terms of hardcore grotesk violence displayed, because it is not afraid to show it. This season from the first three episodes centers around Brion Markov who is best known as Geo-Force from Batman and the Outsiders comic book series, and brother of Terra from New Teen Titans comic book series.

Episode one begins with the start or birth of The Outsiders very similar to how it started in the Justice League comic books with one of the founding members disabands, because of how the Justice League is not doing enough to end kid meta human trafficking.

Our focus characters for season three’ s first three episodes is Dick Grayson(Nightwing), Conor Kent (Superboy), Artemis (Tigress), and Jefferson Pierce known as Black Lightning. In the first episode we do see favorite characters Kaldur as the new Aquaman, and Megan as Miss Martian.

Episode one introduced a big surprising reveal on who is Robin, because it is not Damien Wayne. A nother reveal will be Robin’s new relationship with another well known sidekicks, and a long time fan favorite relationship from the series that turns into a special moment for both characters. These reveal and moment will please long time fans of Young Justice series.

What works really well for season three is the first three episodes tells one giant story that treats episodes as act one, two and act three as the conclusion to one story. This works out very well because the animators and story tellers for Young Justice are able to focus on certain characters and flesh out how the tone of season three will be.

We do see small cameos of a few other characters from milestone comics, and a well know character from the New Teen Titans that did not make her debut until season three.


There isn’t much cons I can find from the first three episodes, because all three of the episodes take there time in telling one story. I could nitpick about episode two and three with the opening as a commercial simaler to message adds for people to report meta human trafficking, but it does not hurt the momentum of the first three episodes present.


The first three episodes are all a hit and gives long time Young Justice fans some awesome moments, while introducing new characters that will be a key part in future episodes of season three. All lot the stuff we’ve seen from trailers and art design all paper in the first three episodes which means we have seen nothing yet but just the tip of the iceberg. Young Justice season Three will be on the DCU app every Friday at 9AM eastern time.


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