Gotham Season Five Premiere: Review

The long awaited final season of Gotham tv series premired tonight on Fox. The first episode did not slow and continued the momentum season four left off from. (Minor Spoilers)


Season five takes place a few months after season four’s finale with the first episode feeling like it is presented on a giant scale with tons of action all over the place in the episode. The No Man’s Land in Gotham is in full effect and everyone or anyone is trying to adapt some how to live through it.

Episode one does not slow down and we get to see just about everyone from the main cast not name Jeremiah, are up too since the bridges have been destroyed.

We do get a surprising death from one of the long time characters on the show, that wraps up a conclusion to an ongoing fued with another character since season two. The premiere episode of Gotham makes it clear to be wrapping up long time threads to give audiances a full conclusion to their story in season five.


The episode does feel very cramp with tons of characters to give you the what they’re up to now moment. Just like from past season premieres, which is nothing new if you have been watching Gotham. That being said there are moments that I feel could’ve been waited in the next episode. This being a short season five, I believe we will have tons of cramp characters that will have audiences in and out from the show in each of the future episode building to the series finale.


The season five finale premiere is not a let down if you have continued to be watching the show and kept an open mind that this is a different take of Batman’s mythology. The first episode does not disappoint with the action an wraps up a long time fuid with two characters.


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