Titans Season One Finale: Review

With all the hype leading into the season finale of Titans, and advertising a Batman vs Robin showdown does the season finale live up to expectations? Minor Spoilers!


The title is called Dick Grayson and it is very focus on Dick Grayson and a world that Trigon creates for him in his head. This episode has a lot of Terror of Trigon story inspiration all over it. I found this to be a great way to display how powerful Trigon is. We do get confirmation that Jason Todd is not the only vigilante working with Batman.

We get a lot of Batman Easter eggs in this episode. We learn the Batman in the Titans world has never cross the line. I love that this episode reference the new adventure Batman episode over the edge, and a nod to the animates series, and the Nolan series.

I love the action we get from Batman in this episode. He is viewed in third person view. Batman moves and fights like a shadow or creator of the night, and that is how people view him as since he has to be more then a man. The Batman fight scenes feels like a horror film. The direction and stuntmen did a fantastic job presenting Batman in the episode.

I thought this was Brenton Thwaites, best performance as Dick Grayson. We get a lot more of Dick Grayson we know from the comicbooks as a character who is light hearted an why he is a important character to Batman’s mythology. Seamus Dever who plays Trigon does a fantastic job on his performance from playing two different characters. You can easily buy him as a cop an then back as Trigon.

Fans will be very excited to see a full look of the batmobile in the series from the finale. In my opinion it is probably the most accurate an best looking batmobile to the comics since Michael Keaton 89 Batman, and Adam West 66 Batman.


The biggest con is the season finale is only 43 minutes long and that is very disappointing, because it does feel a little rush, and their was big rumors this was supposed to be a two hour finale.

I was hoping we would see Dick vs nightmarish Batman in a combat fight, because Batman represents all of his darkness and anger Dick has been building up in the series since leaving Batman.

The finale ends on a big cliffhanger instead of giving fans a payoff they would hope for, because of all the hype build for the series and finale.

Kory, Raven, Gar, all make appearance but are reduced for small roles for their own finale. Dawn gets the most screen time outside of Dick Grayson.


Dispite this being a short finale with no payoff. I will say this episode does a great job building to what could be a big finale for season one even tho they only announced eleven episodes.

Episode eleven screams over the edge vibes and gives us a Batman of what he can be capable of if he crosses the line and breaks his code. That will be scary and his down fall.

Fans should still watch the ending credits as we get two iconic well known Superman characters making their Titans debut, and will be part of the main cast with Donna Troy for season two of Titans.

There have been leak images of a possible episode twelve as part two of the season finale for Titans. That remains to be seen if that episode is a surprise episode for the fans, because there was no serious payoff.

It is possible they are holding back that episode as the first episode to season two. I do feel like Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns are over thinking, and will pissed of fans who invested time in buying the app and watching the series.


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