Aquaman: Film Review

I was able to see Aquaman this weekend, before it’s official release date this Thursday. This is one of my must see movies 2018. Aquaman is the fifth DC connected film since controversial Man of Steel film came out in summer of 2013. I am very happy to say Aquaman is a must see blockbuster film around this holidays, and is the second best DC Comics extended Universe film since Wonder Woman. (Minor Spoilers Below)


I loved a lot of the little explanation details in Aquaman displays in this film. One example is why Black Manta makes a fish bowl helmet, and makes sense as you are watching him this film. The CGI in Aquaman is fantastic from beginning to end, I would say 75% of this movie is underwater. James Wan does a great job world building and introducing the mythology of Aquaman.

James Wan displays many different sea creatures that is beautifully done, and how they are presented on screen is jaw dropping. We do see some Wan’s signature horror moments in this film, and it’s one of the key things that works great in this film.

Jason Momoa in my opinion is Aquaman and his performance will get you to believe how awesome his portrayal of the character is, while he does all the things Aquaman fans will love to see him do. His Aquaman in my opinion reminds me of Aquaman from Batman the Brave and the Bold animated series.

Another highlight from this film is Nichole Kidman’s performance as Atlantia, who is ambitious and wears her heart on her sleeve. Patrick Wilson plays a villain that audience will easily root against.

I loved watching Yahya Abdul-Mateen as Black Manta. When we are first introduce to him we see how much of a cold hearted killer he is. Not only is this film about Aquaman but It’s the birth of one DC Comics greatest villains, and his hatetred towards Aquaman is very clear and in my opinion mirrors Batman creating the Joker.

The movie score in this film by Rupert Gregson-Williams, is beautifully done, and fits the ton with Aquaman, and a lot of the action scenes we see.


The pacing of the film can be slow at times. Their is one scene in act three of the film that will get audience confused but is explained while the action is taking place.

Pitbull’s Aquaman soundtrack song does appear in the film, and it was not needed at all because the score of this film made the film better. I don’t know why that song was featured in the film.

I did enjoy Amber Heard as Mera, but she was kind of meh for me as I didn’t feel like she stood out well compared to other supporting cast.

OVERALL: 8.5/10

Aquaman is a full on action pack movie that will keep you interested from beginning to end. Aquaman has a lot of heart and captures the spirit of the world of Aquaman from the comics. James Wan does not shy a way from the comic book material, and builds a beautiful world under the ocean, that audience has never seen before.

Aquaman is blockbuster film that is worth going to see in theaters. This is a giant step of positive for DC Comics and Warner Brothers to move forward with. Aquaman will restore general audience to go back in see future DC Comics films.


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