Supergirl: Elseworld Part Three Review

The three part finale of Elseworld Crossover event concluds in Supergirl episode nine. (Minor Spoliers)The story continues exactly where we left off from part two, but we get a lot of Tyler Hoechlin’ s Superman in this one.


The relationship between Oliver and Barry continues to be fantastic, especially with the two of them having a better understand of each other after their live swaps. To me the highlight of the elseworld crossover finally was Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman, and Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane.

For the short amount of time we’ve seen these two potrayls of these characters they brought out the heart of these characters as to why we love them and why they are comic books favorite couple. We also get a chance to see some awesome mini Justice League like moments when the Martian Manhunter makes an appearance and it is a DC geek moment to watch.

The two surprise reveals we get from Clark and Lois at the end will put a smile on Superman fans as it did to me. I haven’t talk about The Monitor in the elseworld event, who is played by LaMonica Garrett. Anytime we see the Monitor it’s always an important but big moment in the crossover. LaMonica Garrett did a terrific job bring the character to life.

I found the action series with Superman Earth 38 vs Earth 1 in this was well done for a t.v. series. We did learn that for whatever reason Kara’s ship never landed like it did in earth 38 for unknown reasons. I found that as one of the questions answered as to why we haven’t seen the earth one version of Kara.


I was very drawn to the crossover because of the return of John Wesley Shipp as 90s Barry Allen. I remember watching the old series, an I was excited to see this version back. However I am very disappointed we did not see him return to the crossover finale. He had only eight minutes of screen time in the crossover. Hopefully this is not the last we see OG Barry Allen, as I felt like we left something not resolved.


If you love Superman, the finale of the elseworld crossover is heavy Superman centric and the most we have seen him in one episode in the Arrowverse world. Many great moments we see from Superman and Lois Lane, as one of the surprises announcement has to make him go away for awhile.

The finale does leave audience excited for next year’s giant crossover event which fans been waiting to see since The Flash Season One tease Crisis on Infinite Earth. Their story will be inspired by the original Crisis on Infinte Earth story, written by two comic book legends Marv Wolfman and illustrated by George Perez.


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