Arrow: Elseworlds Part Two Review

Our second of three part series of the elseworld crossover series continues in the Arrow series. This time We finally get to go to Gotham city and learn about why we haven’t seen Batman, and our first introduction to Ruby Roses Batman/Kate Kane. (Minor Spoilers)

Our lead characters go to Gotham to find Dr. John Deegan whom is responsible for the live swap between Barry and Oliver. We get our first introduction to Kate Kane who tells Barry, Oliver, and Kara that Batman hasn’t been seen in three years for unknown reasons.


I enjoyed our first look at Arkham Asylum, Kate’s own Batcave, and many Batman villain nods. As a big Batman fan it’s always a geek moment when I see things you love about your favorite superhero.

I thought Ruby Rose did a fantastic job as Kate Kane. I was a little worried because of the teaser image an trailer didn’t do good job. She’s obviously has a little Batman in her, which make sense. We learn she is related to Bruce Wayne as his cousin. Her introduction as Batwoman was fantastic. We see her pull off some awesome action scenes.

I was very happy to see John Wesley Shipp return as the original Flash from his early 90s series. I love that the people behind the Arrowverse confirm a theory for John Diggle as a big superheroe who wears “a ring” but in the OG’s Flash earth 90 world. That was a great fan service moment for fans.


The episode is stuff from freaky Friday between Oliver and Barry, to bunch of fanservices moments an Easter eggs. Each characters are given something to do, which can be nice or serves no point to the episode.

The actor Jeremy Davies, who plays Dr. John Deegan takes me out of the crossover because of his over acting. I will point out to comic book fans that Dr. Deegan is known as Dr. Destiny in the Comic books. So we might be seeing Dr. Destiny in a future crossover special.

I was disappointed we didnt see more of John Wesley Shipp Barry Allen/The Flash as he was here and he was gone.

OVERALL 8.5/10

Part Two of three from the Elseworld event is more of a backdoor pilot to Ruby Rose’s Batwoman series that will be launch next year. Part two does Tease some exciting things in the Arrowverse for future years to come.

Part two has so many Easter eggs and a lot of fan services moments in this episode, but the episode ends with another surprise twist of the introduction of the else world Superman. Who we might have seen before from another media outlet.

The finale of the Elseword saga is on tonight on Supergirl 12/11 at 8pm US eastern time on The CW network.


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