My Thoughts on CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer #2

A new Captain Marvel trailer drop last night during Monday night football. Here are my thoughts on the new trailer.


The trailer looks a lot better then the first one as I expected. That is because they show more of the story plot in trailer number two. I thought the Skrulls look a thousand times better in this trailer. Adding some mystery to Carol Danvers new origin story to help make it easier for general audience to understand is another smart move by Marvel Studios.

Brie Larson looks to be ok in the role, but nobody can tell base on trailers. I like the Super Saiyan nod or Easter egg when we see Captain Marvel power up. The CGI looks great with all those action scenes presented in the trailer.

I think seeing a younger Nick Fury and his relationship with Carol Danvers is very promising, because their dynamic looks to be joyful.

The movie score is very good and brings a great epicness in the action scenes. The tone for this film looks to be taken serious and less fun. Which Marvel Studios has done in the past like Captain America The Winter Soldier, and it’s refreshing.


I wish they did not show more of the old lady scene in this trailer, because I thought that would be something to look forward to when seeing it fleshed out in theaters. I get Marvel Studios needs to show more because Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers is not a well known to the general audience and they need to reveal more, but I wish they avoided the old lady scene and show a new skrull scene in action.

I didn’t feel like this trailer had much enthusasm, or optimism the way superheroe movies should present on screen, because of the emotionalist Carol Danvers we see in the trailers.

I am not a fan of origin films as I would prefer they bring out the best in why we love our superheroes instead of building up to it. Again I do get why they need to do this with Captain Marvel.


I expect Captain Marvel to be another financial success film for marvel studios. I’m sure it will get positive reviews, and I know we have yet to see any of the good stuff yet in this film. The trailer does it job with action scenes, and introducing some of the plot for this film.


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