What we know about the new Spawn movie so far

It’s been 21 years since Spawn was last seen on the big screen played by Michael Jai White. The movie today, doesn’t hold up well compared to today’s affects and comic book movie standards by fans. Many people who did enjoy the film and the animated series has always wondered why isn t Spawn back in the movie spotlight in the golden age of comic book movies.

On July of 2017 at San Diego Comic-Con, we finally have announcement by Todd McFarlane on Facebook live announcing to all Spawn fans that a new Spawn film is green light by Blumhouse. Many people like myself are excited to finally here about the official announcement, after hearing it might happen for over a decade by Todd McFarlane.

What we know since the official announcement

We know why it took so long for this to happen, is that Todd McFarlane wants to direct and have final say over the next Spawn film. This is the main reason in my opinion as to why we haven’t seen Spawn on the big screen since 1997. Todd McFarlane is one of the few successful comic book creater who still owns his characters rights. Which means big movie companies who want to get into the Comic Book movie business had to play ball with Todd McFarlane. Blumhouse is known for taking big chances with inexperience directors, and creators. They agree to his demands to produce the film.

Having the new Spawn film produce by Blumhouse is great, because they are the hottest horror producing company right now. There marketing for small budget horror films have been a huge success. If you’re not fimilar with Blumhouse there recent successful films are Get Out, Halloween, Split, and the upcoming Unbreakable film. They are known for there classics such as The Purge, Paranormal Activity, and Insidious.

The Tone of the new Spawn film

Todd McFarlane who is writing the new Spawn script for almost 15 years, has said repeatedly that the new Spawn film will be a supernatural thriller that will focus on Sam and Twitch as the main stars of the new film. The Tone and story will be inspires by the movie Seven, and many classic mystery thrillers.

How will Spawn be portrayed?

Todd McFarlane has said many times that this will not be a a Spawn origin film. Spawn will be viewed as a third person character and the story will not be told through his narrative. He will be like Jaws that pops up on an off in the film.


Only two actors are cast for the new Spawn movie. The first is Jamie Foxx who was announced as Spawn early this year, and who was campaigning for the part of Spawn since 2013. Fans reaction are mixed, but I think having a big name to play Spawn who is Academy Award winner, will get the general audience attention to see this movie. I think Jamie Foxx is welk aware of the expectations fans have for the movie, and I’m sure shares the same vision as Todd McFarlane has for Spawn.

The next casting announcement I found very surprising was Jeremy Renner who is another Academy Award winner will star as Detective Twitch in the movie. Having someone like Jeremy Renner and Jamie Foxx in a small budget film will definitely bring general audience to see this film. After Jeremy Renner’s announcement we have not heard any new casting announcements since early summer.

Who is the main Villain?

We have yet to learn who will be the big villain in the new Spawn movie. If they are taking inspiration from mystery thrillers like Seven. I would expect the center villain to be Billy Kincaid. Billy Kincaid is known as a child serial killer from the early Spawn comics books, and center villain in early season of Spawn the animated series by HBO. I do expect the Clown, and other hell creaters to be lurking in the shadows.

Release Date

We haven’t had a offical announcement on when the new Spawn movie will be release yet. Many people expect a 2020 October release date for the film, but recently a new report by the HeroicHollywood.com, reports that production of the new Spawn film is pushed back to June 2019 in Toronto Canada. It’s possible we won’t be seeing the new Spawn film until maybe late Winter 2020, or early 2021.

For Now

I think if we hear any new official announcement for the new Spawn movie. I would pay attention to Todd McFarlane Facebook page, because that’s where many of the new Spawn movie announcement are coming from. His last update on the movie was announcing he will be reteaming with Walking Dead specialists Greg Nicotero to re-invent Spawn and his mythology onto the big screen.

Hopefully we will hear more news before 2018 is over.


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