Castlevania Season Two: Review

I recently finished Season Two of Castlevania, and wanted to share my thoughts of the second Season. (Minor Spoilers)


This season the show extended its episodes from four to eight episodes, which is great because audience will get more content. For me the star is for season two is Dracula. Going into Season Two I thought the focus was Trevor Belmont, Alucard, and Sypha, but no the star is Dracula in season two. He gets more screen then any of the characters.

Having more Dracula in this season displays the characters such as Hector and Isaac who are human characters but have huge loyalty to Dracula, and support his cause in season two.

Warren Ellis who is known for his writing work in the Marvel Comic books. Is the only credited writer on the Netflix Castlevania series. Warren Ellis writes a well told story base on the video game. How he writes Dracula in the show is very connecting with the audience, because we can feel the sad, and anger Dracula has over the course of season two. Episode six through eight in my opinion are the best of season two.

The voice acting is top notched. Graham McTavish who voices Dracula does a fantastic job voices the character. His voice acting in Episode seven will make you sad and feel sympathy for Dracula.


The first three episodes are a bit slowish, and can be very boring. As an audience you are expecting something to happen right away. We didn’t get enough Trevor Belmont, Sypha and Alucard until the later episodes. It would’ve been nice to see more of them.

I did find Carmilla to be annoying at times, and I’m guessing she was meant to come off that way. Even Dracula was annoyed by her. She was the only character I kept rolling my eyes when she appeared.


Castlevania continues to have huge success with season two. I would recommend to watch season one again and watch season two after, because you will have tweleve episodes to beinge.

Adi Shankar who developed the animated series, does a fantastic job fleshing out the world of Castlevania and it’s dark tone. Castlevania Season Two has everything you want in a dark adult animated series.

Netflix already renewed Castlevania for a season three with ten episodes ordered. I can wait to see what direction Adi Shankar and Warren Ellis takes Castlevania next.


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