Titans: Doom Patrol Review

Titans episode four dropped yesterday Friday US eastern time morning on the DC Universe app. The episode is called Doom Patrol, and this episode is our first look at the Doom Patrol team before they spinoff into their own series next year on the DC Universe app. (Minor Spoilers)


We finally get alot of Beast Boy in this series from episode four. Beast Boy is played by Ryan Potter, who gives a very good performance as Beast Boy. In my opinion Beast Boy in this series will become a fan favorite from this series as we see him interact with other characters. We also get a simi origin of how Garth became Beast Boy, and how he’s part of the Doom Patrol family.

Teagan Croft as Rachel Raven Roth continues to shine in this series. Her chemistry with Ryan Potter’s Beast Boy is very natural and buyable for audiences.

The Doom Patrol characters introduce in the episode I thought were well done. I thought Negative Man was the highlight in this episode, because he’s display as carefree character but is respected by his peers. For audiences not familiar with any of the characters from Doom Patrol I think seeing this episode will definitely draw interest in seeing Doom Patrol series.

Epically the tone they have for Doom Patrol in the episode. The other characters we meet from Doom Patrol is Robotman, Elasti- Woman, and Cheif/ Neil Caulder. Robotman appears very well on screen and so does Elasti-woman. Rachel’s interaction with all the Doom Patrol characters is executed great,especially their dinner scene together.


I think what I thought was disappointing in this episode is we didn’t see any of the Doom Patrol characters in action. When we see them interact with Kory/Starfire we are built for an action scene but it cuts away. So we do not get a big battle scene.

The other con is the voice actors, who voice Robotman and Negative Man are not Brandon Fraser and Matt Bomer. That was a disappointment, because I was hoping we would get their introduction as to how they were going to voice these characters.

Actor Bruno Bichir who plays Cheif/Niles Caulder I found he wasn’t buyable as Cheif. I think it’s great going into Doom Patrol spin off series having him replace is a smart thing.

With the recasting of 3/4 of the Doom Patrol characters for its spinoff series tells me the tone for the Doom Patrol series will change again.

OVERALL 8.5/10

Episode four for Titans titled Doom Patrol is well written by Geoff Johns. The characterization for Beast Boy and Doom Patrol characters are well written. We do see some Dick Grayson and Kory but they are not the focus in this episode.


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