Daredevil Season 3: Review

Daredevil season three was release on October 19 2018, and I was finally able to finish season three up this weekend. Here is my thoughts on season three. Minor Spoilers.


The biggest highlights for me in Season three, is the supporting characters from Foggy Nelson, Wilson Fisk, Poin Dexter aka Bullseye, and FBI agent Ray Nahdeem .I really enjoyed Foggy Nelson in Season three because he evolved into a much stronger character compared to the first two seasons and Defenders.

Watching Wilson Fisk becoming a bigger threat then he was in season one was fantastic. The stakes were a lot higher in this season, and hearing the name Kingpin for the first time was a comic book geek moment. The other highlight is how his plan unfolded in this season was executed perfectly.

Ray Nahdeem who is introduced in this season was another highlight. He had a lot of Jim Gordon in him because of his morals, belief in the justice system, and how his character is challenged in each episode.

The action and tone in season three continues to evolve. There is a crazy action season in episode three that will be talked about and highlighted.


I didn’t like much about Karen Page in this season. I think because she was heavily in Punisher season one, I think she was a bit stale since we already knew what she was up to.

The episode called Karen in episode 10 I thought wasn’t needed. We already know from past season Karen has a past she would like to move on from.

I was disappointed we didn’t see Matt Murdock get a new Daredevil suit as his character evolved or change since the aftermath of The Defenders. Some of the subplots and slow built ups can be frustrating at times in Season three.


Daredevil season three is another successful seasons in the Marvel Netflix run. Season three has a lot of great supporting cast development, a great villain in Wilson Fisk, great plot twist,surprises, and awesome action scenes. The ending to season three leaves Mathew Murdock in a new light, and leaves the door open for a possible season four.


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