My Thoughts on Luke Cage and Iron Fist getting Canceled from Netflix

I’m sure everyone by now is fully aware, that Netflix canceled Iron Fist and surprisingly Luke Cage after a great second season. I wasn’t a fan of this incarnation of Iron Fist and I couldn’t get passed the first episode of Iron Fist season two.

So I am not surprised It was cancelled, but I was in shocked Luke Cage was cancelled because that became one of their big series on Netflix to watch.

What Happen?

According to Newsarama and
The Hollywood trade reports that showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker and a team of writers had been working for the past six months on scripts (with input from Netflix), and that several actors including lead actor Mike Colter were under contract for a third season.

What is reported happen is show runner Cheo Hodari Coker and Netflix was at a disagreement over creative differences about season three. It got so bad between both sides that Netflix canceled the series.

Again this is what’s been reported as to why the series is cancelled. You can click on the link below to the Newsarama article.

Will there be a Heroes for Hire?

In My opinion no. There will not be a series called Heroes for Hire, because for one Season Two left Luke Cage in a new status quo and this Iron Fist is not popular enough to match up with this version of Luke Cage for a Heroes for Hire Series.

Did Thanos do it?

No, that’s ridiculous, and a bad Marketing plan if that was true.

Will there be a Daughters of the Dragon series?

I would think as of right now no, but you never know, because Iron Fist and Luke Cage series have been quietly building to a Daughters of the Dragon series with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. I’m sure Netflix and Marvels tvline have had discussions about it, but now that both Iron Fist and Luke Cage are cancelled I would think those plans are scrapped.

Luke Cage on Disney Play app?

In my opinion I think it’s at 50/50 chance if Disney Play picks up Luke Cage Season three. Disney already tried to pull out of their Netflix deal with Marvel properties, but was unsuccessful. In my opinion I think it would be stupid of Disney not to pick up Luke Cage Season three since they’ve been trying to pull out of their Marvel deal with Netflix.

What’s Next for Marvels Netflix?

Right now Jessica Jones and The Punisher are renewed for a Season three, and Daredevil season three is already streaming on Netflix. Disney and Marvel still has a contract that will probably last up to season three for those series. Which means their contract with Netflix will last maybe three more years. We could get a Daredevil season four to replace Luke Cage Season three. Time will tell going into next year.


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