My thoughts on James Gunn going to Warner Bros.

It’s been a busy week for DC Comics and Warner Brothers, but the biggest news is James Gunn will be writing a script for Suicide Squad 2 and possibly direct according to The Wrap, who first broke the news. For comic book fans and movie fans, it’s been a mix of exciting emotions.

My Thoughts

I believe Warner Brothers bring James Gunn on board for Suicide Squad 2, is a great move, because as a writer an film maker he knows how to give personalities to characters thro his writing. As a film maker he knows how to get the best from his cast in performances, and building working trust relationships.

As a comic book fan I thought it was a huge jumping the shark moment for Disney&Marvel Studios to fire James Gunn base on something he said 7 years ago, and he did apologize about those tweets 6 years ago 9 months before the first Gaurdian of the Galaxy film was release. See the link below from Hollywood Reporter on when he apologized about those comments in 2012

In my opinion I personally believe James Gunn was black list from someone in Disney for this to happen to him. When James Gunn was hired by Marvel Studios they were not own by Disney at the time, and in my opinion this issue had more to do with Disney than it did with Marvel.

I know there’s some new reports out there from a lot of main news website regarding Suicide Squad being a fresh take and David Batista wanting to be on board. I think both are slightly true, because if Warner Brothers is going to hire James Gunn let him do what he wants with Suicide Squad the same way he was given creative control with Gaurdians of the Galaxy for Marvel Studios.

I think he will be announced as director since many fans out there view this as a positive for James Gunn and Warner Brothers. Besides Suicide Squad needs a fresh take after what happened with the first one.


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