New AQUAMAN Trailer #2

Brad new Aquaman trailer drops today with tons of new an extended footage! My thoughts on the new trailer are below.

My thoughts (Minor Spoilers)

Aquaman looks to be the most brightest and colorful DC Film I’ve seen in a long time. I like that we see extended clips especially watching Black Manta in action. The CGI looks really good all over the trailer. I mean who doesn’t expect to see tons of cgi in an Aquaman film. Jason Momoa looks to be Jason Momoa, but I believe that is purposely done to give Arthur Curry more of a personality to stand out compared to his comic book counterpart.

James Wan is making it clear in trailer number 2 we will get tons of action, and a lot of awesome moments in the movie. I didn’t feel they show too much in the trailer. Trailer number 2 is displaying to all audiences this will be a fun action movie to go see around the Christmas week. James Wan is not shying away from the comic book source material and is displaying on how awesome it’s going to look. Aquaman will be out on December 21 2018


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