My thoughts on Marvel’s Netflix Daredevil: Season 3 Trailer

After months of waiting and all the 30 seconds teasers. We finally have a full trailer for Daredevil Season 3 before it’s release 2 weeks from now on Friday October 19 2018 see the full trailer below.

My thoughts (Minor Spoilers Below)

We last seen Matt Murdock recovering his injuries, while thought dead from his close ones in the one shot season of The Defender’s series. Many people have been speculating season 3 to take on Daredevil Born Again or Daredevil Reborn comic book stories. It doesn’t appear that is the route season 3 is going as it’s shown in the trailer.

What we now know from the trailer is Wilson Fisk’ s revenge plot is to destroy the reputation of Daredevil. The twist reveal in the trailer is the Kingpin hires Bullseye to pretend to be Daredevil to ruin his reputation all over Hells Kitchen. I think we all should’ve seen this coming through the poster images a month ago.

Many Daredevil and Marvels fans like myself have been waiting for Bullseye to make his long waited debut on the Marvel Netflix series. How they are going to present him to the audience in season 3 of Daredevil is such a Bullseye move. We now have the answer to why Matt goes back to his black suit. The other thing I took from the trailer is they are distancing themselves from how things ended in The Defender’s series, and start from a new plot that is self contained to the series only.

With only one trailer to Daredevil Season 3 Netflix already captured all of the audiences full attention. There will be a lot of beinge watching when this drops two weeks from now. Can’t wait to see what other twist and surprises Daredevil Season 3 brings us.


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