DC Universe App: Review

Since its been 9 days after the launch of the DCU app. I wanted to do a review on the app for comic book fans or DC fans who are unsure about getting the app. So far I haven’t experienced any bugs, of technical problems with the app, like some have reported, after it was launch. My experience have been enjoyable going through everything DC Universe related.


TV/Movies, selection has many classics for their TV/Movies, such as the Christopher Revee Superman movies series, but no Superman Returns or the Donner Cut are on there. All of the Batman movies but Batman 66, and The Dark Knight Rises film are not in the app. No Batman 66 tv series only the two direct animated movies of the series. For animation the first three seasons of Batman TAS,are in the app but are divided as two seasons. All of Batman the Brave and the Bold series, Superman, and Justice League TAS are there as well. No New Adventures of Batman, or any of the past Batman, Superman animated series. No Green Lantern CGI series is feature in the app.

I’ve been rewatching Super Friends, and The adventures of Lois and Clark, because you can’t find them any place and rewatching these series have been a blast. All of the seasons for those clasics are on the DCU app.

The DC Universe app has a special series for behind scene/history of DC Comics movies with Ralph Garman that’s been enjoyable to watch. I found a cheesy Spirit movie, and the two episodes of Legends that feature Adam West and Burt Ward that’s entertaing and cringing at times. Birds of Prey, Constantine, The original Flash, and Linda Carter Wonder Woman series are all featured.

Their TV/Movies is a very limited selection. There is none of the recent Zack Snyder DC Films, Wonder Woman, or the CWDC series are not featured. Theres no exclusive content for audiences to check out unfortunately. IMO it’s one of the biggest blows for DC/WB on the app since all of their new content that’s been announced will not be release until next year, besides Titans.

Comic Books

The comic books and encyclopedia of all the DC Characters is the best part of the app. More new content I’ve notice continues to get added on the Comic Book section. They have lots of Batman, Superman, all versions of Titans, Vertigo, Justice League and ect of titles on the app. If there was a. DC Comics title you didn’t check out or heard about but never read, you will find it in their comic book section. Since Batwoman is having her own show, Rucka and Williams, entire Batwoman/Detective run is on there. Grant Morrison Doom Patrol first year run is on there as well.


So far I find the DC Daily talk series awkward and very cringing, as the people on the show are not genuine, and over sell everything DC/WB which I get that part, but the app is limited. Many people who have the app are going to see right through it on when they check it out. It’s run time is only twenty-five minutes, and new episodes are release every Friday. DC does have a good idea for it, but it will be awhile before it finds its format and voice.


The app is enjoyable, but it doesn’t have anything for people to go crazy to purchase the app right away, because it doesn’t have all of DC libary of medias, and there’s no brand new content yet for audiences. IMO that’s the most disappointed thing on the app. If you love reading comic books the app is great, because of all the comic books title libraries from modern to classic reads are on the app. IMO the app will start to get better once added new content is release on the app.


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