Reported Rumors on Matt Reeves Batman film!

The two giant rumors reported today according to Sebastian Pierces from Heroic Hollywood, has reported Matt Reeves Batman film will draw heavy influences from Frank Millers Batman Year, and will feature Harvy Dent leading to become Two-Face, and the Penguin as the main villain. There is no report if this will follow the DC crossover filmverse. Hopefully we will hear more as time goes by.

The second rumor from Heroic Hollywood, is that Matt Reeves is looking to cast a younger Bruce Wayne/Batman. The report is Jack Huston is the lead candidate to play the title role. Jack Huston is welk known from Boardwalk Empire, and in American Hustle film. Matt Reeves has already been reported to building a crew to get ready to film the movie next year.

My Thoughts

My first reaction after hearing the year one influences for the film is half right. I think Matt Reeves is taking influences from Batman Earth One graphic novel, because the Penguin was the main villain in the first volume in the graphic novel and it was a origin story to that version of Batman. I think they will use the Gordon and Batman relationship from year one mixed with Penguin earth one influences. Matt Reeves has spoke highly of Christopher Nolans Batman take, this would fit with the rumors reported, because year one was heavily influenced in Batman Begins. You can click below to the article


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