Review: The Death of Superman animated movie

(No Spoilers)We have seen many versions of the death of Superman. The quick Superman: Doomsday animated film, and the awful interpretation of Superman death in Batman v. Superman film. I was very skeptical about seeing another take of The Death of Superman story in another animated movie, but this animated version of the death of Superman is the best I have seen, since Dan Jurgen’s death of Superman story from the early 90s.


What made this a really good animation movie is how well it captures the heart of the story from the comics. What stands out to me is not Superman, but Clack Kent. Seeing a more modernization of what Clark Kent is in this movie is well done. Peter Tomasi who wrote the script to the animated film captured the great embodiment of the humanity in Superman and Clark Kent. Clark Kent in this is still a mild-mannered reporter, raised in rural Kansas; shy and awkward like he has anxiety issues around people. The movie it self feels like a lost episode of Superman the animated series, or Justice League Unlimited because the influence is very familiar, and with a little bit of John Brynes Man of Steel stories. Lots of great references to past Superman stories and movies.

Doomsday is built up to be a true threat to Superman like in the comics book story. When Doomsday clashes with Superman in the film you’re emotionally invested in their fight, because of how well it is built up. When Superman saves people he always smiles, and gives everyone hope the way he is supposed to be, especially when things get tough he is quick to save people instead of fight his enemies.


My biggest con for the movie is this should of been a much longer than 120 minutes. Some of the screen time focus on another Justice League member an no it is not Batman.

Overall : 9/10

The Death of Superman captures everything you love about Superman, Clark Kent, and his supporting cast of characters from the Superman world leading up to his biggest fight of life against Doomsday. There is a lot of teases planted for the part two of this Story in The Reign of the Supermen.


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