Reportedly Birds of Prey movie line-up Revealed!

Many media outlets around the internet are reporting the line-up of characters to be feature in the next DCEU film Birds of Prey movie along side Magot Robbie’s Harley Quinn will be The Huntress, The Black Canary, Cassandra Cain, and Rene Montoya are to be featured in the movie.

No Barbara Gordon?

The biggest name not mention in the leaked lineup is the Barbara Gordon. Anyone who thinks of Birds of Prey the first character comic book fans think of is Barbara Gordon Diana Lance, and Helena Bertinelli. With in the last month the rumor script of Birds of Prey had two version with Batgirl both being featured. Last week according to a report came out Barbara Gordon will not suit up as Batgirl in the BoP film.

It is possible Barbara will be featured as Oracle in the movie. In my opinion I think that would be a smart move because Oracle is more associated with Birds of Prey than Batgirl. In the DCEU many of the Batman family or allies are established. One example in BVS, Bruce Wayne tells Alfred “how many good guys are left and how many have stayed that way.” This might hint that Barbara Gordon was one of the casualties in Batman’s war against crime and some form of the killing Joke led to her becoming paralyze. Its important to mention writer Christina Hodson who wrote Birds of Prey film is writing the Batgirl film. I’m sure she will have Barabra in both films. I think Barabra Gordon will have a small role in Birds of Prey and will be centered in her own film.

What’s the plot?

We still have no idea what the plot is for the Birds Prey film. There has been many rumors of the script going through rewrites. The film has a director in Cathy Yan who will direct her first blockbuster film, just one credit script writer by Christina Hodson who wrote the Bumblebee film coming out this year, and it will star Margot Robbie reprising her role as Harley Quinn. In my opinion I get the sense Birds of Prey will have an origin story, and with a Expendables tone in recruiting some of the well known heroic women in DC Comics.

Who is the Villain?

Birds of Prey comic books have featured many well known villain. It’s been rumored over a month ago The Penguin was the presence villain in the Birds of Prey film. I think because Harley Quinn is the lead star I think Poison Ivy will be the main villain because she has personal history with Harley from the comics. I expect characters like Lady Shiva, and David Cain to be featured in the film because they’re the parents to Cassandra Cain. General audience are not familiar with Cassandra Cain who is known to be the second Batgirl after Barabra Gordon.

My Thoughts

The Birds of Prey is rumor to set production in January 2019, according to Margot Robbie from Margot Robbie is hoping the film is R rated. I am very excited for Birds of Prey I did enjoy Suicide Squad film, I think Warner Bros green lightning a Birds of Prey film is a smart move, because people love Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and having her in Birds of Prey is smart because intruding other DC female characters will create more spinoffs, and display how awesome the women in DC Comics are awesome and inspiring.


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