How can Robin work in a Batman film?

I’ve been hearing debate wether or not if a younger version of Robin can work in a Batman film. I will explain how a younger version of Dick Grayson as Robin can work in a live action film.

Past incarnations

From past incarnations we have seen an older or teen version of Dick Grayson as Robin. Each actor whom played Dick Grayson have all been 18 plus playing a college kid during the middle of Grayson’s time as Robin or an older version in the beginning as Robin. By this fall we will see a new live action version of Dick Grayson as veteran Robin who is going solo and played by Brenton Thwaites in the upcoming Titans live action series. It’s very interesting we have yet to see any creator take a chance on a live action younger version of Dick Grayson’s over the character’s 75 year history.

Can a young Robin work on film?

In my opinion yes, because we seen a ten year old sociopath in Hit Girl from the first Kick Ass film. Audience surprisingly loved and accepted the character even with the display hardcore training by Big Daddy in the film. The other example is Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. In past incarnations Sony had Spider-Man already graduated and become an adult, either in the first act in the Toby McGuire series or in Andrew Garfield’ s Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Kevin Feige believe Spider-Man worked better in High School, and cast the right actor and perfectly executed it all. A younger version of Spider-Man has worked extremely well if it is done right. Just like a younger version of Robin.

Here’s How a younger Robin can work

The best way to introduce Robin in a Batman film is by doing a full on origin film base on a young Dick Grayson and how became Robin. In this Batman film Dick would be the main character and Batman would be a supporting cast, because to make audiences accepting a younger kid fight crime it would have to be told through Dick’s point of view. In the first four Batman films the main character was always the villain, so I know this would work.

I think Using influences from Batman Dark Victory, Batman: Chronicle of the Gauntlet, and Robin Year One will be a good start to find the right Batman film to introduce a younger Dick Grayson as Robin. I think having Two-Face as the main villain, with Tony Zuco who is known for killing the Flying Grayson in the comics, as an associate partner with Two-Face is a good theatrical film. Act one would be tragedy, Act two would be rebellion and mentorship, and Act three is the light of justice. Each act is important to Dick Grayson becoming Robin, and the light instead of the darkness to Batman, because having Tony Zuco brought to justice by Dick Grayson as Robin will be an important moment and closer for the character, so he doesn’t become someone like Batman, but becomes a bright hero Gotham and Batman needs.


Robin is a very important mantel to the Batman mythology. Giving him a centered origin film similar to Nolan’s Batman Begins will give general audience respect and appreciation to Dick Grayson, and wash away the infamous Batman and Robin film.


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