Avengers 4 leaked lineup Art and new look on Thanos

Minor Spoilers!!!

It’s been a slow news week in comic book movies, but today someone on https://m.imgur.com/a/ThrkRwX has dropped a leaked promo art of next years anticipated Avengers 4 movie. I have the promo art below.

As you can see there’s some minor changers to some of the Avenger characters. Steve Rogers looks to be back as Captain America again without the beard, Black Widow is back as a red head, and we have our first look at Ant-Man, and Hawkeye who did not make an appearance in Infinity War and Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel whos in her color uniform joins the Avengers to help them save the universe.

In my opinion seeing that Steve Rogers, Black Widow, Rocket, Tony Stark and Hulk are at center in the promo art. These characters will be at the focus in the film. Especially Steve, and Natalia who were secoundary characters in Infinity War.

The big changes is Hulk’s appearance in the promo art. His hair is a bit longer when we seen him in Infinity War, and could mean some time has passed since Infinity War. It looks like Bruce and Hulk found common ground since Hulk is wearing some kind of suit. The setting the Avengers are in that same setting in Tony’s nightmare in Age of Ultron film. Which means it doesn’t look good for the Avengers.

The only thing the Russo brothers has said about Avengers 4 is that it will complete the Winter Solder story they told back in Captain America’s second film. Which means I expect The Avengers 4 to be more of a Captain America film.

Our first look at Thanos below in Avengers 4

As we can see he will be in his traditional armor from the comics, with a full infinity gauntlet.

No official news on The Avengers 4 title or anything as of yet about the 4th film, and I expect we won’t hear anything until late December 2018


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