Deadpool 2 Movie Review

No Spoilers…

Deadpool 2 takes place two years after the first film. It stars Ryan Reynolds back as the title character Deadpool and all of Deadpool’s suporting cast from the first film are back in the sequel. Deadpool 2 introduced two popular characters from the X-Men mythology such as Cable who is played by Josh Brolin and Domino who’s played by Zazie Beetz.


Josh Brolin’s Cable performance is fantastic in the film. He plays the character really well and you definitely want to see more of Brolin’s Cable in the future. There’s lots of surprising cameos, and character appearances in the film. Deadpool 2 is a fun and entertaining film. If you are a big fan of Deadpool you will not be disappointed with the film. Lots of crazy action and some funny moments. Highly recommended to hangout when the credit roll. Their is a funny mid credit scenes audiences will enjoy.


Despite the entertainment experiences from the film. Deadpool 2 like many sequel suffers from not having a strong plot. There’s a lack of good story telling and feels like the writers are very lazy writing this film. Way to many pop culture and comic book characters and movie reference. With lazy writing for Deadpool 2 the film is flat at times, and shouldn’t be a two hour film, but a 90 minute film.


Deadpool 2 is a fun film, but it’s not as good as the first film. It’s joyful, but lacks good story telling. There’s good moments in the film, but it suffers by not having a strong plot/story to tell.



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