It’s been Ten Years since The Dark Knight was release

On July 14, 2008 Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begin sequel The Dark Knight film was release to theaters everywhere. Since it’s release comic book movies is viewed differently after watching The Dark Knight. When July 14, 2018 comes around it will be ten years since Heath Ledgers performances as the Joker who blew people away. Most people today still considered his performance as the Joker as the greatest comic book villain portrayal in any comic book movie of all time. His Joker portrayal is viewed as one of the greatest pop culture of all time.

With almost ten years past The Dark Knight film is still viewed by many people as the greatest comic book movie of all time. It’s viewed as a instant classic for anyone who loves watching movies. What made this movie the greatest out of all comic book movies is the blood, sweat, and tears that late actor Heath Ledger puts into his memorable performances as the Joker. Heath’s Joker elevates everyone’s performance in this film. Most notably the main star of the film Christian Bale. Christian reprise his role from Batman Begins as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Christian Bale as Batman delivers many great scenes as Batman/Bruce Wayne especially when he shares scenes with Heath’s Joker.

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Besides Heath’s, and Christian’s performance in the film, Gary Oldman’s performance as Jim Gordon, and Aaron Eckharts performance as Harvey Dent/Two-Face steals a few scenes from this film. Many quotes from The Dark Knight is still quoted to this day. Such as Joker’s “Why so Serious?” ” Do you want to know how I got these scars?” and Harvey’s quote “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Harvey’s quote is still meme out every where on social media. The most memorable scenes from The Dark Knight is the interrogation scene between Batman and Joker. The interrogation scene from the film highlights the physiological relationship between Batman and the Joker. The interrogation in my opinion is still the best scene in any comic book movie. This film change how the general movie audiences, and critics view comic book movies today.

In my opinion The Dark Knight film is a physiologic thriller directed by Chris Nolan and his crew who flushes out their Batman’s realistic tone world in their second Batman film out of the Dark Knight Trilogy. Chris Nolan inspiration for The Dark Knight came from Batman’s graphic novels The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, The Man who laughs, and The Killing Joke as inspiration for Batman, Joker, Gordon and Dents relationship for his film. The theme in The Dark Knight was about escalation. It was hinted in Batman Begins in the closing scenes from that film and flushed out in The Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne created Batman as a symbol of inspiration but did not think what kind of inspiration he would inspire in The Dark Knight until he met the Joker.

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Joker in this film does not have an origin story he just was the Joker, and for people who’ve never read a comic book you were fooled by when Heath’s Joker explains how he got these scars in the film. I’ve explain to many of my friends and acquaintances that the Joker was lying about everything about himself. The Dark Knight is a classic film that comes out once a decade that you will never get tired from. Will we ever see a comic book movie as impactful like The Dark Knight was? Who knows maybe or maybe not.


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