My Opinion on the Future of the DCEU

With all the stories of a possible Joker film, a spin-off, and will Ben Affleck continue to play Batman after the Justice League film. My thought is Warner Brothers are planning on revamping the DCEU after Justice League. I think Aquarman is going to be a origin piece like Wonder Woman, Shazam will be a standalone and wont references the Snyder films, and The Batman film by Matt Reeves will be a standalone film most likely a period pieces Joker’s origin film will be and to introduce a new Batman that will be part of the DCEU after Flashpoint. If anyone has read Flashpoint or seen the animated film fans would know that the Flash after correcting the timeline from his own mistake unknowingly changes the old DCU and becomes the new 52 DCU. I am guessing that is how Warner Brothers or the man in charge of DC Entertainment Geoff Johns who wrote Flashpoint are planning to do, because they want to make all of Zack Snyder’s DC films not part of the DCEU. I think part of the reason Matt Reeves is the Batman director is because he gets to cast his Batman for his film and not getting force to use Ben Affleck as his Batman.

Currently It doesn’t mean Ben Affleck will not continue to play Batman after Justice League, because Jared Leto is still reprising his Joker in Suicide Squad two films, and a possible Joker and Harley Quinn film spinoff from suicide Squad franchise. However according to Warner Brothers is working on a Joker origin story that will not star Jared Leto but will be a period piece and will star a young actor playing the Joker in his origin film. I know Warner Brothers said their Joker film will be not part of DCEU with Joker’s origin story being the first of many non DCEU films. In my opinion I think that’s just a PR from Warner Brothers because they don’t want fans to be concern about Jared’s Joker like what’s happen with Ben’s Batman. What I think DCEU will do is have Ben’s Batman continue to cameo in Suicide Squad sequel, Batgirl, Joker and Harley Quinn and his last appearance as Batman will be in The Flashpoint film. I believe Flashpoint will be the bridge piece to introduce the audiences to Matt Reeves Batman and a new Joker as part of the new DCEU going forward.

The reason they are doing Flashpoint is because of how poorly Batman V. Superman was and cost Warner Brothers a billion dollars in profit money. With rumors of Warner Brothers worried Snyder’s Justice League film will be received badly they brought in Joss Whedon as the director to slowly move Snyder out quietly, and reshoot the film reported by in July, and now a new report is Joss is getting a writing credit for the film according to

I am looking forward to see Justice League, but I am not excited like I am for Star Wars The Last Jedi mainly because of Snyder ‘s Batman V. Superman. Going forward after Justice League I think the plan for DCEU is to do standalone films and build to a Justice League film after the Flashpoint film re-corrects a lot of Snyder’s influences in DCEU. I think after they are done with Justice League DCEU will be more Geoff Johns influences and hopefully DCEU will be in a greater place.


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